Jim Gavan, Ph.D. - Jim is a practicing Psychologist, University professor, and long time student of Aikido. With a background in industrial/organizational psychology and counseling psychology, he has consulted to industry over a period of GAVCOLORPHOTO3jpgmore than 30 years in the area of conflict resolution, team building, and organizational developement. At the beginning of his career he was employed by American Airlines, Inc as Manager of Behavioral Sciences in charge of all psychologically based programs including pilot and flight attendant selection.


Mike Gallo, Sensei- Mike holds a Bachelors degree in Criminology-Law Enforcement. He is Chief Instructor at Hidden Valley Aiki Kai; a traditional Aikido school. He has trained in the Martial Arts for 35 years, and instructed Aikido for 14MIKEPORT1 years. Mike has trained numerous Local, State and Federal Law Enforcement personal in the art of Aikido. Mike has a unique ability to teach people of all ages and backgrounds viable physical conflict resolution and self-defense skills



Peter A. Fisher- Pete is a practicing Behavior Specialist for the Escondido Union School District in Escondido California. He has over 25 years of teaching experience in public and private school settings. Pete has developed and   implemented different support curriculum both in the general and special education classroom to serve the petecolorphoto behavior needs of those students. Pete is a trainer of numerous crisis intervention strategies, is a current member of Positive Environments Network of Trainers and does inservices   in the community and at the University level.   He is also a practicing martial arts student under the guidance of Gallo Sensei.




Royce Coffee, US Military- Royce is an active duty US. Military currently stationed in San Diego, California. During his 30 year career in the Military Royce has worked with groups and individuals from all walks of life, and many countries. His knowledge and interest in the Martial Arts has been invaluable to him in the training, team building, and leading of soldiers. The experience he has gained in the real-world conflict resolution, from the verbal to the physical, to combat, adds a unique dimension to the staff.coffeepic1

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